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I had a chance to try the Cling On pickup today.  I have to say I am pretty blown away.  I’ve tried a lot of pickups over the years.  I bought this one because it would work on my nylon and a Martin I did not want to modify, but I wasn’t expecting that great a sound to be honest. 

Really impressed!  One of the most natural sounding acoustic pickups I have ever heard.


Jason T.

Erlanger, KY

The ClingOn pick-up is making playing the mountain dulcimer an absolute pleasure to play!  With the sound being amplified, it takes less work and pressure which results in faster playing.  I am completely thrilled with it! I can't wait to demonstrate the ClingOn pick-up to my mountain dulcimer group of friends - they are going to be blown away!  I absolutely love it and as each day passes and I work with it more, I love it even more. 

Sophie R.

Tuscumbia, AL

This thing picks up very nice sound and is solidly built. But the real claim to fame here is the magnet. Once the magnet is in place, which takes only minutes, the pickup goes on and off easily. I got some extra magnets and installed on a guitar, a ukulele and a mandolin. Now I can easily move the pickup around to the one I need.
It is hard to believe that, as long as acoustic pickups have been around, this is the first one I've come across that sets up this way.

Mike J.

Amazon Customer

Use this (Cling On Pickup) on a Martin 6 string and an older 12 string. No modifications to either acoustic guitar. Placed the magnets under the side of the bridge on both. Sounds very good. No feedback issues.

Michael M.

Branson, MS

The Cling-on works great! Installation was simple and easy. And it works so much better than my old sound hole pickup I had been using - even when I am lightly strumming, it doesn't "drop out" like my old pickup did.

Believe me, I am letting others know about my awesome guitar addition.

Edwin C.

APO, Kosovo

My son loves the pickup.  We use a Yamaha thr5-a amp with modulation effects....very very nice for some haunting pieces like Jenny of Oldstones in Game of Thrones.

Michael D.

Ontario, Canada

Tried your cling on with my Martin HD28 and I’m amazed at the result. Blown away by sound and simplicity. Absolutely beautiful sound reproduction.  I want to shout to the world of acoustic players that this pickup is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!

Dean D.

Facebook Customer

I have used every kind of tuner, big and little headstock tuners, foot pedal tuner. The Cling On Tuner win out in every comparison.. Clips nicely to the headstock totally hidden when you're playing.. Tuner itself is large enough to see. It's like having a 50" widescreen. With adding an inexpensive magnetic dot to the back of all of your headstocks you can easily use your tuner on every guitar. I love it so much, I own 5 of them.

Walter  C.

Bloomfield, NJ

Just got my Cling On Pickup and I don't think you can find and easier add on pickup that can amplify the nylon strings of ukes and similar stringed guitars better than this one, and none are easier to mount and use. Extra magnets equal great flexibility between instruments, with no instrument mods!

Michael B.

Pittsburg, KS

I bought my Cling On to amplify my steel bodied Republic resonator. Resonators are not the easiest guitars to get a natural amplified sound out of, and the currently available pick up options that offer / claim to do so are expensive bulky requires internal or external preamps etc... Being steel bodied the supplied magnet for internal use isn't really needed but I used it any way - for a bell brass reso the magnet would be required. 

I’m very happy with it and my adaptation. I may buy another at some point for my bell brass model. I wish you all the very best with the Cling On it’s a great option / solution that will meet the needs of many players - including resonator players!

Laurence A.


Perth, Australia

The Cling-On Pickup rocks, for sure.  The sound was crystal clear, no feedback and the connections were tight, as they should be. I can’t wait to use it on a regular basis. I will spread the word with my musician friends on what an awesome and yet affordable product this is. I absolutely love the Cling On Pickup! What a wonderful product.

Randal J.

Superior, WI

I am loving the tonal [position] options and responsiveness of it! Were I to embark on a solo acoustic and/or banjo gig, this thing would absolutely RULE for letting me tap out and loop rhythmic parts from the guitar while playing over them... I love the Cling On Pickup. Can't wait to show it off to all my fellow gearheads.

Craig S.

Owens Cross Roads, Al

This pickup is the most natural sound of any pickup that I have tried! I am still experimenting with placement on the banjo head and the ease of changing the position is one of the best traits it has. I am using a Fishman pre amp EQ, which helps with dialing in the sound that I am looking for. Very well made, thanks.

Jim H.

Dorr, MI

I love the Cling On Tuner. It has such a quality feel to it. The red one is a favorite.

Burnell Y.

Philadelphia, PA

Just wanted to drop you folks a line to say thank you for a great product. Received the pickup today and easily found a few spots that sounded wonderful. Decided on my favorite placement, secured the magnet and have been playing all day! Fun and great sounding.

Richard L.

Los Alamos, NM

I love the pickup - works very well. I have the magnet bases on my Collins, Martin and vintage Guild. No drilling or defacing my excellent guitars.... Has been an excellent product - it seems so stupid that no one has done this previously. 

Michael M.

Birmingham, AL

Thrilled with the tuners you sent to me in the UK... It was hard drooling over 9000 miles away... Great watching other people's clip-on pinging around the stage! 

Jon N.

Facebook post

I love my Cling On Tuner! Accurate, easy to use, the large screen makes it readable. Folds out of the way when not in use. It's permanently attached to my guitar. I liked it so well that I have bought a total of four for my guitars and have recommended to my friends as well.

Eugeen H.

Amazon Customer

Saw this tuner at NAMM 2017. The magnetic mounting was ideal for application on my Parker Fly Deluxe. Utilizing the self adhesive button,I am able to hide the tuner behind the sparse headstock. The display is bright and legible. Extra self adhesive buttons are available to use a single tuner on multiple guitars (or even other instruments...i.e. mandolin, violin, etc.)
Outstanding product and highly recommended!!

Antwan R.

Amazon Customer

I love this tuner! Any of the other tuners of the clip-on type ALWAYS make at least one tuning key hard to turn. This one doesn't. And it comes with an extra magnet so that you can put it between the tuning gears on your main guitar for even easier adjusting; it will function on any guitar with/without metal tuning gears. Easy to read screen, good calibration, and affordable price to boot! I recommend this to all of my students.

Ric T.

Amazon Customer

I love this little tuner! I own several guitars and have a tuner for each. I'm not buying any other tuner except this one after they die out. I'm always breaking the clips of my tuners for one reason or another. With the ability to move it behind the headstock and keep it out of the way, it just makes a lot of sense. The design is beautiful and the tuner works as well as anything I've ever used. I was so happy I bought one for my daughter and her boyfriend who both play uke and several guitars.

Lowell E.

Happy Customer

This product caught my eye while at NAMM... I was immediately sold on it after seeing the demo. It is as easy to use and accurate on the tuning as it was in the demo. Love everything about the Cling-On Tuner!

Monique V.

Cling On Tuner Customer

Every year at The NAMM show I try to find one innovative product that is inspired and exciting. I wasn't expecting it to be a headstock tuner but the Cling On tuner is a stroke of genius ! No more hidden logos, no more broken clips and no more spoiled aesthetics."

Howard G.

Brilliant Distribution Ltd.

The main selling point of this tuner is the magnetic connection with your instrument and it is truly just icing on the cake of a tuner that I would already call my favorite from several clip-on Snarks. I was worried the magnet wouldn't hold well enough but it seems it is high quality stuff because it sticks very strong and I'm never worried about it falling no matter how much I'm moving around. The tuner comes with a magnetic pad with sticky backing so you have a permanent spot to place your tuner on your guitar. Otherwise, it sticks to the tuning pegs and appears to still have an accurate and responsive reading. I really enjoy the creativity of this concept and it has the quality to affirm it as a competitor for larger tuner companies. For this price point, I'm recommending all my musically inclined friends pick one up.

Amazon customer

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