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We are a boutique manufacturer of unique and practical gear for the performing musician. Our focus is to bring to market products that are: compact, functional, and elegant all at the same time. As musicians ourselves, our goal is to design product  that are solving certain problems that other products may have, serving the everyday needs of the performing musician. 

How it all started:


For any performing musician having a good tuner was a must. When the clip tuners came out they immediately replaced the boxy type tuners we used. Although much smaller and the fact that they could clip onto the guitar was great, we felt that still there was a need for something that was smaller, more discreet and that you could leave on the instrument. So, in late 2012 the original Cling On Tuner was born. It featured a small suction mechanism that allowed the tuner to be placed either behind the headstock or anywhere on a flat surface. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013  we shipped orders to 27 countries around the globe and secured a patent for our technology. The support and feedback we received from our early supporters gave us the boost to make the Cling On Tuner even better. With the latest Magnetic Series we managed to reduce the size of the attachment from 1.5" (36mm) down to 0.5" (13mm). It is the only tuner truly hidden out of sight! Since then, we have brought our next Cling On product: The Cling On Pickup - a compact guitar pickup with magnetic attachment. It is the quickest and easiest to attach pickup that sounds great and best of all, requires no modification to your instrument.

The design process of the original Cling On Tuner was exciting and we had fun along the way, so the idea for this funny short animation naturally came about. We called it "The Evolution of the Tuner".  


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