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San Francisco born, Mallory Moyer picked up her guitar in high school in Port St. Richie, FL, and played/sang her way through college. Today, she shares her ever evolving art with her listeners, loving every moment she spends performing, songwriting, recording and teaching music. 

Daniel Von Zangenberg (Danny V) is an up and coming Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist & Vocalist based out of Florida. The strings aren't the only part of the Guitar he plays. He also uses the body for drums! 

Kat Gallardo, known as “katgrüvs,” is riding the new wave of modern fingerstyle playing. As a self-taught artist she continues to grow her passion for percussive fingerstyle guitar composition. The name “katgrüvs” captures her innate feel for “grüv” , a trait steeped in years of playing jazz, funk, and rock.

Tony is a sought after Flamenco/Latin guitarist with 5 released albums under his belt. His music has been featured on documentaries, film, commercials and TV. He has performed for private events for celebrities, such as Mr. Obama (presidential candidate then), Oprah, Pirates of the Carribean cast.

The Bruskers Guitar Duo, have been defined “two leading figures in the motley world of guitar” and “a source of inspiration for guitarists”. Molded by the classical and modern music worlds, they use jazz as a common ground and their repertoire covers traditional jazz standards and soundtracks in addition to original songs.

honoka & Azita

Young & dynamic ukulele duo from Hawaii. Honoka and Azita are gaining worldwide attention for their electrifying performances., They are quickly emerging as one of the preeminent ukulele players of the next generation.

pepe romero

Pepe Romero is a true living legend in the world of classical music. Honored by kings, head-of-states and major institutions, he is undoubtedly the most accomplished living classical guitarist today. He has premiered some of the greatest music written for guitar. Pepe is a member of the legendary Los Romeros guitar quartet. 


The Grammy Award-winning LAGQ is one of the most multifaceted groups in any genre. Their inventive, critically acclaimed transcriptions of concert masterworks provide a fresh look at the music of the past, while their interpretations of works from the contemporary and world-music realms continually break new ground.

william kanengiser

Recognized as one of USA's finest classical guitarist William Kanengiser is an acclaimed soloist, recording artist and a guitar professor at USC. Founding member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. As a soloist and a member of LAGQ he has recorded over 20 CD's. Grammy winner (LAGQ 2005)

scott tennant

Scott Tennant is considered as one of the world's best classical guitar virtuosos. With eight books to his name, he is the author of the best-selling guitar book "Pumping Nylon". He has numerous recordings with leading record labels. He is a founding member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Grammy winner (LAGQ 2005)

yussi wenger     

L.A. based recording and performing guitarist as well as MI instructor. Yussi has played on upwards of 150 albums, film scores, TV show soundtracks and commercials. He has worked with Ricky Martin, Paul Anka among others. Film score credits: "Collateral", "Two Weeks Notice", etc. TV shows credits: "Nikita", "The Bachelor", "Tyran Banks Show", TMZ, etc.

david landia

David Landia has formulated a new, unique sound with his independent pop band based in Los Angeles, California. Landia's music style is very hard to define and it is truly an original twist on contemporary music. Because of this broad audience appeal, this Los Angeles band is attracting attention all over the world.

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