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Magnetic Series:


 Digital clip tuners have been on the market for quite a while, but not much has changed since they were invented. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes they have one thing in common: a bulky clip that in most cases is bigger than the tuner itself. Clipped onto the head stock, they are obtrusive, an eye sore during performances, and pain to transport because they need to be removed when placing the instrument in its gig bag or case.

How is the Cling On Tuner different?

Instead of a clip, the Cling On Tuner is equipped with a very small yet super-powerful rare-earth magnet. It will cling on directly to most metal tuning machines for a quick tuning on-the-go.  But, for most convenient, compact and versatile mounting option, each tuner comes with a mini magnetic base (the size of a dime) that can be attached anywhere on the instrument, giving you the freedom to place the tuner virtually anywhere you want. The Cling On Tuner demonstrates the perfect balance between outstanding functionality and elegant design.

key advantages:


  • COMPACT -  The magnetic Cling On Tuner has one of the largest LCD display, yet it is one of the most compact tuners on the market. Our patented magnetic attachment is a mere 1/2" diameter (12.7mm). If attached via the provided mini magnetic base, the tuner will sit only slightly above the tuning gears of your instrument and it will fold compactly when not in use.

  • VERSATILE - can attach almost anywhere on most fretted instruments, either directly to any ferromagnetic metal part of your instrument, or virtually anywhere if used with its own mini magnetic base. 

  • FUN TO USE - Who doesn't like magnets? Magnets are fun and that encourages students to use it to tune their instruments more often.

  • DISCREET - It's the WORLD'S ONLY tuner truly hidden out of sight. If you attach it behind the headstock, your audience won't know you've had it on throughout your whole performance. 

  • CONVENIENT - It's always there, when you need it. In most cases you can leave it on your instrument when placing the instrument in its case. That means less of a chance to lose it or  break it. 

  • ELEGANT DESIGN - Products should not only be functional, but also elegant and pleasing. During the design process, much attention was given on the aesthetics of the product and packaging as well.  As a result, we believe, we created one of the best looking tuners on the market today.

  • QUICK and EASY attachment. It's all thanks to our patented magnetic design that allows the tuner to attach and detach in a snap.

  • mini MAGNETIC BASE​ - comes with pre-applied 3M sticker for placement anywhere on your instrument. Can be easily and safely removed from the instrument with a piece of thread or dental floss. Safe for all gloss, painted and matte finishes. Not recommended on french polish or very thin lacquer. 


High Quality Materials 

Looks great and feels great. But most importantly -  it's built to last.

Smart. Energy-Efficient

 Auto shut-off feature.Energy-efficient electronics.

Large & Bright Display

2-Color back-lit LCD is easy to see even in the darkest dungeon.

Dedicated Buttons

Easy to use navigation. No multi-function buttons to confuse the user.

Advanced Electronics

Deliver FAST & ULTRA-ACCURATE tuning. Over 99% accuracy @<20ms response time.

Super Strong Magnets

We use rare-earth magnets, which are the strongest magnets on the planet.

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